Creation of the name and visual identity. Direction of the launch campaign

“The Cohesion team’s contribution was fundamental to the successful launch of The team understood our objectives and means in their approach to the strategy and execution roll-out plan. Throughout the process, we felt a genuine desire for the success of our project. Moreover, the work was accomplished in a pleasant atmosphere.”

André Forest, Founder & President, jobboom, 1996-2001

A visionary startup of the early Web

In 1999, Recru-Direct was one of the first employment sites, the target being Québec high-tech personnel. The intention, however, was to expand beyond these limited parameters, so a partnership was signed with La Presse – and Cohesion was hired as brand consultant. Re-naming the brand was difficult. It would have to achieve immediate awareness, be completely bilingual and be able to register as a dot-com. The result was “jobboom” and the creation of a full brand identity.

Insight into the new employee mindset

The brand diagnostic revealed 2 key insights, new at the time: that youth no longer believed in job security or stability; and that they feared placing a CV online in case it was seen by their employers. This led to several brand insights: that people should be pro-active in managing their own careers, whether they’re currently seeking employment or not; that they shouldn’t have to release specific information until they decide to do so; that awareness should be built amongst employees, leaving the sales force to target employers.

Rapid expansion with results beyond expectations

The brand roll-out had many facets in addition to the site itself. An ad campaign was launched with the theme “You can always say no.” Jobboom acquired “Ma Carrière”, a publisher of career orientation books recognized by government, school boards and media. The first magazine dedicated to employment was produced. A regional employment index was developed based on official statistics. The goal of 100,000 members in the first year was achieved in just 8 months.