“A company’s only sustainable competitive advantage is its brand.”

“A brand is a net impression forged from every touch point with the product or company.”

“Brands are a key asset which must be pro-actively managed.”

“Strong brands encapsulate in one word the promise they need to impart.”

“A brand lives by every experience it delivers.”

“We reconcile brand vision with business strategy.”

“Brand vision must withstand operational realities.”

“The brand promise acts as a compass for decisions throughout the organization.”

“Brand strategies must create value for the enterprise.”


Diagnostic, positioning and strategic planning
  • Brand analysis and diagnostics
  • Brand positioning and planning in line with business strategy
  • Action plans for building the brand and propagation of the positioning internally and in the marketplace
  • Definition of brand performance indicators
Brand creation
  • Brand portfolio planning and management
  • Diagnosis and advice on the naming and visual identity
  • Creation of architecture, nomenclature, identity and signature
Customer experience
  • Definition of the customer experience
  • Alignment and reinvention of brand touch points for total customer experience
Knowledge transfer and counsel
  • Coaching and training for the development and management of strong brands
  • Support and strategic advice during the deployment of the positioning
  • Facilitation of workshops and “brainstorming” with operational teams